Made To Measure : the last steps

You must all be curious to see what came out of the custom made tuxedo the Beautiful Yaël ordered from my atelier… last post

I must say I’m sorry for this post being so late. In fact, I could blame my made-to-measure services, but I won’t. It’s a wonderful problem to have really, being too busy with contracts when the change of seasons come! Time for writing suffers though…

That being said, here’s the follow up to this adventure, with all the details that will help you better understand what happens when you order a custom made piece.


After the first informative meeting, the bulk of the job starts for the designer with pattern making and sewing of the fitting muslin. Often crafted in unbleached cotton toile, this muslin makes fitting a complete stress free endeavour, since we don’t use the real fabric. The use of a muslin at this point is not obligatory though… When the piece is simple, or with a loose fit, cutting directly in the final fabric is quite alright.

Once the muslin is ready, we make and appointment with the client for fitting. I can then show her the fabric I found and the crystal button I had in inventory – superb! We pin, discuss (again and always) about taste and needs, and I take many notes. Don’t be surprised if I make you move: sitting down, moving the arms, walking… It’s important to assess the comfort of every item. I recommend you wear the same underwear, hose or socks and shoes you plan to wear with the ensemble. There’s nothing worst than realizing your bust line has changed or that your hem is too short with your high heels… So be prepared!

NEVER hesitate to ask question or to voice your opinion on what bothers you. There is no taboo subject or shyness to be had, because we are working for YOU in the end. There is always a way to change things and redraw details. It’s now or never – come delivery time, it will be too late. Furthermore, understand that changes in design can affect prices if it means more work. For this specific contract, Yaël had concerns about the sleeve design, so we made changes: long sleeves became 3/4, with sequined cuffs. She was more at ease with her arms free and the added bling was more interesting. Perfect.

In the case of evening wear, wedding gowns and other complex contracts, a second fitting might be needed. These fitting appointment are never long – 15 to 40 minutes.

Then it’s time for the final work in the atelier. We make changes to the pattern, and cut the final fabric pieces. The seamstress can now sew the garment right up to the final touches.

When all is done, the item can be delivered. An appointment is made so the client can pick it up. We make sure all is perfect, I give last minute advices on how to care for the new item. It is at this last meeting that the balance due is paid (generally 50%) – always verify the accepted modality, because they obviously change from one company to the next.

FITTING and DELIVERY steps summary :

  • fitting appointment to try on muslin or garment
  • fitting on client and discussion about needs, comfort and changes (if needed)
  • always wear proper underwear and shoes
  • second fitting appointment (only if needed)
  • delivery appointment : last verification and payment of balance (generally 50%)

You now go home with a unique piece of clothing that fits you like a glove. Maybe a personal creation of yours? That would be smashing, no? Or at last possessing the coat of your dreams… The dress that hides what you want while most importantly show off your best assets… Something classic? Eccentric? A costume for an unforgettable ball?


Make an appointment or drop me a line, we will talk about it.

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