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All through February, we were inundated with sexy ideas, lover’s going out trends, single girlfriends parties, plus an abundance of lingerie promos and chocolate hearts galore, we didn’t know where to look! Now that Valentine’s day has passed, all will be back to normal, so we’ll wait for Spring to come back in about a month and a half… maybe.

Let me give you an infallible stylist trick : take that waiting time to research and build your Best Basic Underwear Wardrobe. There is place for the simple and the sexy of course, but all curvy women must have a few items to answer specific wardrobe needs. Once Spring is back, you will be ready for all the fine knits, transparency, skirts worn without hose or tights and of course, all those new styles in stores, with your perfect-for-you underwear.


First, the brands to look for

In addition to the house brands of all the big stores named later in this post, here are a few brands to look for, which are widely distributed. The following brands cater larger sizes very well : Wonderbra, Gernier, Olga, Wacoal, Triumph and Warner’s.

Store ideas in Canada

Most of the items presented here are available everywhere plus size lingerie is sold. You just have to find a store where the ambiance and service is nice for you, or a website where the choice is much wider and more interesting than what is found in your small town… as well as having a better size offer in stock. Internet is so practical!

The Hudson Bay : This department store is present in many cities and offers quite a lot online too. In Montreal, the vast lingerie section offers an impeccable personalized service.

Addition-Elle & Penningtons : The lingerie department size will vary greatly from one store to the other. So I recommend shopping online, especially if you already know your size.

Lane Bryant (USA) & Evans (UK) : Now both selling to Canada online. Interesting for variety and the fun of shopping “far away” nestled comfortably in your couch.

Spanx : THE reference in shapewear for comfort and reasonable prices. We can really trust their size chart – certain models cater up to a weight of 350 lbs. Unbeatable.


The UNDERWEAR-CHALLENGES and their solutions

Under skirt friction

Plump thighs will rub together when we walk. Add to this the hot humidity of warmer seasons and we find ourselves with painful and embarrassing chaffing problems. Not many women openly talk about this uncomfortable subject, you can imagine. So, under those dresses and skirts worn without hose or tights, I advise wearing a bike short style, in blend of cotton or smooth silky synthetic fibers. Guaranteed comfort, and lighter walk all summer long!

Style with lace from Addition-Elle


Shapewear style from Spanx



Visible panty lines

I have 2 advices here :

  1. Wear the proper cut. A bodycon silhouette will always reveal the waistline of a bikini style panty… Prefer briefs with a high waist, that will cover more and stay in place.
  2. Wear your true size. A too small panty will « dig into » flesh and create a roll. There, I said it.

Seamless full panty from Addition-Elle



Back and tummy rolls

My clients know, I call the back fat rolls “bra bloublous”… a little humour makes everything easier! Looking at ourselves in a mirror from all angles (side and back view too) will help assess the state of things… I love Spanx camis for this, because they do smooth the body. So long, “bloublous”! Furthermore, you can wear them under transparent tops if you want to hide your tummy.

Scoop neck cami from Spanx


Classic cami from Spanx



Fine knit t-shirts, dresses and tops

Ah! They are gorgeous those lacy bras with ribbon bows and small jewels decorations! But yikes! Under a fine tee or anything form fitting, the effect is bumpy and unsightly. We prefer a simple model with a smooth finish without details on the bust. Molded cups are perfect for this.

Satin bra from Addition-Elle



Active life

For the sporty types who run, dance and jump, a sports bra is essential for bigger breasts. They are not the sexiest to look at, but are often more comfortable. Some women are tempted to wear them all the time because of this… But the effect is a “plastered boobs” disaster, and not the best to showcase your curvy self in stylish clothes. Let those bras be good for what they are made for.

Wacoal sports bra from The Bay



Intricate armholes and necklines

Bustier styles, alter tops, asymmetrical necklines… It’s often difficult to hide those bra straps. If you only can buy one special bra, choose a convertible bustier style. You can wear it without straps, or adjust the straps in different ways to match your garment. It will help out in many situations.

Convertible bra from Penningtons StraplessPennington


Finally, some money saving tips

You are in between 2 sizes? Bra extenders are there for you. Your cups pucker because they’re not full enough or your breasts aren’t the same size? Bra pads exist. Your halter top let your bra straps show? Hide-a-strap hooks will help. For a bunch of neat tricks like these, shop the lingerie accessories department for cheap solutions.

Link to lingerie accessories at Penningtons


One last advice

Be patient! Be ready to try on many styles in boutiques. And be certain to verify the sizes charts for all different brands when shopping online. Be sure to know your measures and always choose bigger instead of smaller. A good seamstress will know how to alter it to fit, if need be, as when you change size.

If you need direct help, consultation via email, made to measure fitting or even accompaniment when shopping in Montreal, I am available to assist and serve you.

All contact info here

As a personal stylist specialised in plus sizes, I completely understand your needs. So, when are we going shopping?

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