Knowing how to sew is practical, artistic, economical and eco friendly!



levels : beginner - intermediate - advanced



  • Understanding your sewing machine
  • Understand patterns and how to cut fabric properly
  • Simple commercial pattern modifications to better suit your silhouette
  • Clothing alterations to better suit your silhouette and needs
  • Sewing at your own pace, and always assisted by an experienced teacher, so you have all the chances to learn well and with positive results!


  • You know how to sew, a little or a lot, but you need some advice in trickier areas or difficult techniques
  • Learn to created you own patterns, or modify commercial ones with ease
  • Clothing alterations and modification for better fit or pure creativity
  • Sewing and pattern making at your own pace, and always assisted by an experienced teacher who is ready to share all the secrets of the trade!


  • You want the guidance of a knowledgeable teacher to produce your own line or creations, a perfect way to boost your confidence in a job well done
  • Learning how to create intricate patterns and grading for the best fit
  • Production of complex items like Wedding Gowns, Suits, Cosplay, Costumes for the stage or a specail event
  • Sewing and pattern making at your own pace, with an experienced teacher who will make sure you get all the info you need to step on your own


To start your fashion projects in the best way!

Private focused courses with an experienced teacher, perfect for :

  • Fashion school recent graduates
  • Experienced sewer who wants to start their own business
  • Creatives with entrepreneurial ambitions, who are in need of assistance in organisation and planning to make their business dream a reality

Learn and work at your own pace ; everything you need to launch your first collection!

  1. Understanding your market
  2. Revision or work on your designs
  3. Fabrics, notions and suppliers
  4. Pattern making and cutting
  5. Sewing and finishing
  6. Presentation and sales

2 to 4 hours Courses

at our studios in The Fashion District of Montreal or by TELE-CONFERENCE in the comfort of your home


depending on your availability and thoses of our our teachers


To inquire about prices and available slots, contact us using the form here, or call us :


(514) 279-5623

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