A deep understanding of our clients needs, coupled to our extended experience in working with different silhouettes are at the origin of all Sonia Lévesque Design's products and services.

Being a Plus Sizes specialist, Sonia Lévesque will always offer her advices with respect to your person style, your personnality, and with a touch of humor!


Contact us at the bottom of this page to inquire about all our stylism services or tell us how we can make you happy :

  • Wadrobe debulking
  • Shopping assistance
  • Your personal color palette
  • The best clothes and accessories for your silhouette
  • Clothing choices and styling for Characters, Artist's Tours or TV Appearences
  • Professional Wardrobe revisited
  • Television and Film Character Wardrobe


Sonia Lévesque is a designer/stylist with more than 30 years of experience in fashion. It's always a priviledge to share her knowledge in front of a public, be it small or big...

If you are an ORGANIZATION, a SCHOOL, a COMMUNITY CENTER, an EVENT COORDINATOR, or else, you will be interested by some of our subjects :

  • Tricks of The Trades in Fashion
  • Personal styling adapted to all the silhouettes
  • Her experience as a Woman Designer-Entrepreneur
  • Her experience being a Plus Size Woman in our world
  • How to Better Understand Fat Phobia in our world
  • Specialist in Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Cosplay
  • and MORE!



We are here to help you!


Possibility of individual or group meetings, and for added security and comfort, choose our VIRTUAL MEETINGS.


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